Sunday, 8 May 2016

Why I've Gone Flexitarian

I love food, everything about it just makes me so excited and wanting more. I like the convenience of food, I like it to be there and ready to eat. I am a person who has fallen for the convenient capitalist ideology of quick food (or ready meals).

I have not always been like this, I was brought up making fresh food with a  limited amount of sugar and salt, and also for much of my childhood I was a vegetarian.

It is due to my childhood and drive for wanting to change my habits that I started to wonder about the food I was getting and eating. Questions going through my mind: Where does my food come from? Is it cost effective? Do I really need it?

Since I started campaigning with Sheffield Friends of the Earth, I have had lots of ideas of what to do; things I believed would change the world. Most of these ideas I will safely say were discounted and discarded until one meeting I mentioned food and looking at the sustainability of food. Suddenly the group went fantastic! Bring a plan to the next meeting. ‘Oh my what have I done, an idea needs foundations structure’.

But over the coming months we have brought this amazing idea forward to where it is now. Using our dynamic and wide range of skills we are looking at tackling one of the most important topics we should be focusing on to help not just ourselves but our environment around us. Meat!

The campaign we are running is more around reducing meat consumption and shopping around for better quality (and more sustainable) than going for the cheaper supermarkets cuts.

Every month we will be posting about our inspiring campaigns and looking at different parts of food to help everyone to help the health of the environment.

John has gone flexitarian by eating more vegetarian meals and choosing to eat less meat. The meat he now eats is better quality, locally produced and more environmentally friendly.

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