Saturday, 9 July 2016

My Experience of Meat Free May

I know it is some time since Meat Free May but I wanted to share my thoughts with you on how it went for me. I would like to say that it went brilliantly but it didn’t.

Day 1. Sunday 1st May. I was full of determination but I had a house full of visitors who expected Sunday dinner, including roast. OK so this was going to be difficult but I carried on with the normal roast meat with three or four veg, Yorkshire puddings followed by desert. I must say that I really missed the meat with the rest of the meal. Does gravy count? In this case yes it did as it was made from the juices of the meat. And so this was a sharp learning curve. Meat Free should really be nothing to do with meat so I failed at the first hurdle. Never mind let's learn from this and move on. Usually we would use the leftovers from Sunday to eat during the next few days. So Monday was a bit of a trial again. Let’s move on.

Tuesday was much better as the meat was out of the way and I had planned lots of meals with cheese, eggs, lentils, beans etc. And I really enjoyed salads. I had one big bowl of lettuce, cucumber and tomato then another with a different salad as an experiment. Couscous with apricots, pasta with chopped mixed veg, beetroot and cucumber with yogurt dressing. By the end of the month I was getting pretty adventurous. Planning has to be the answer. It is so tempting when you come home from work, tired and grumpy just to reach for the convenient meat option in the freezer so making sure that I had sorted out what we were going to eat beforehand helped enormously. Sunday though was always a trial. I have now embraced a flexitarian diet where I have reduced drastically the amount of meat I have but I don’t feel too guilty about the odd Sunday roast.

Beatrice Greenfield

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